183 Days in John is Free Until Wednesday

My book 183 Days in John is free right now.  Get a copy before Wednesday.  Please write a review at Amazon and let others know what you think about it.  To be informed by email of specials like these, may sure and sign up for Troy’s List.

183 Days in John is a devotional commentary through the book of John in the Bible.  It’s a great way to study through the book of John at your own pace.  You might also want this book as a reference.

The book of John provides answers to important questions that are being challenged today, such as if Christianity is the only way to God, whether evolution is biblical and whether or not Jesus is the only way to God.

Most of the problems that people have about Christianity today come from a belief that the Bible has errors, or is only good for moral truth.  The Bible was not intended to be a book of morals.  When that’s all we make of it, it actually changes the whole message.  The Bible claims to hold the words of God Himself.  As such, the proper way to validate the Bible is to treat those words as having come from the God it describes.  If we read the Bible any other way, we won’t get the message.

God must help us to understand the Bible otherwise we won’t get it.  That’s what it also says.  Not only do we need to believe that these words are God’s words, God must be helping us to overcome our inability to believe Him.   At that point, we start to see that there is so much more to the Bible than just moral teaching.  It actually helps us in every part of life.




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