My Venture into Personal Finance

I’ve moved all of my posts on the subject of personal finance to a new blog at:  I initially started the blog on a free site and then moved it to a secure host that I manage.  Judging from the initial response I received from the new blog I probably left some of you hanging.  So the new location for is here and it has the same content I had on the free WordPress site.

To give you some background, when I started thinking about retirement, I realized that this was a difficult subject to master.  It was pretty troubling to me that so many people were wandering around with so little reliable information available to them.  I learned that one of the most important and under-served topics was the topic of inflation.  As a retiree, inflation becomes a very serious financial enemy.

Actually, inflation is an enemy to everyone, but we tend to not notice it when we are young.  It’s like a disease that we don’t see until we get older.  When we are young we are still working and our wages tend to go up with inflation, but the fact that the money we earn today can’t buy the same thing next year is still a problem when we are young.

Thankfully, I discovered that there was a relatively simple solution to the problem.  It was a little hard to find and there was a lot that distracted me from it.  I’m pretty sure that most people don’t know what it is and how to do it.  That’s what I hope that I can help with.

I’m also working on providing new software that will help us track our inflation protection.  Stay tuned…