My New Book: 220 Days in Luke

This was a big one!  It’s over 400 pages printed. Fortunately, as an eBook, we don’t really need to print it.  To get my new book visit:

As a software engineer, I really like Luke’s writing.  He is meticulously detailed and for a person like me who asks a lot of “Why’s” it’s helpful to have a doctor like Luke to explain it.  It is remarkable that we have a 2,000 year old document like this at all.  Of course, it’s not a surprise since God made sure that the Bible would last.  Some people try to claim that because Bible is so old, it can’t really be trusted.  They argue that it has been changed too many times, but I have discovered that this is simply not true.  In reality, with just the New Testament part of the Bible, we find that it is the most well documented book of its time.  According to The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell (p.38), the New Testament has far more manuscript copies than any other book its age.  That means we can check the copies and see what has changed.  To put it in perspective, the famous book The Iliad is known to have 643 hand-written copies left today.  These are copies that were made before printing.  The New Testament on the other hand, has 5,366 copies.  That’s enough for us to use to determine what errors might have been introduced over the years.  Not many differences have been found.

There have been those who have attempted to make changes to it though.  These have been discovered and exposed, too.  There are also problems in translation between the original language (Greek) and the one that I use (English), but there are loads of commentaries about those as well; enough for me to get a good idea about what the truth is.  Nothing that I have researched changes the basic facts either.  We sinned, we needed a savior, God became a man and saved us.

That’s what Luke documents for us and it’s awesome.

I hope that I have actually helped connect it to our lives today.  If not, ignore me and just read Luke.  God’s words are never wrong and they will always be successful at accomplishing what God wants.


eBooks are Cool

I didn’t think electronic books were that neat until I had a Kindle.  The problem I used to have with ebooks is that they were only on a computer.  Computer screens used to be a lot more expensive and you couldn’t hold them like a book, at least not when I first considered ebooks.  Things are totally different now.  You don’t even need to buy a Kindle to read Kindle books on a computer, and computers today you do hold in your hand.  There are Kindle apps for the various tablet computers and for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.  On top of that you can still read Kindle books on your Mac or Windows computer.   That brings up one of the coolest features.

Because you can install a Kindle app almost everywhere, you can actually have your library almost everywhere!  Can you imagine trying to take 20 books with you everywhere you go?  Kindle makes 200 or even 2000 books easy to take with you almost anywhere you go.  I still think that Amazon has the best device for me, though.

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite has a battery that lasts weeks on end.  Not only that, the screen it uses is “front lit” not back lit.  It feels much more like reading a book in black and white, than reading a cell phone screen, for instance.  It’s also a bigger reading area than a cell phone; more like the reading area of a paperback book.  Another neat thing is how easy it is to get new books.

The bookstore is built into your free Kindle app.  Anywhere you are with your computer and a connection to the Internet, you can buy a new book.  That means you can buy a book and start reading when you are waiting for something.  From waiting in line at a government agency, to waiting for your next flight, you can redeem your time by “going” to the bookstore and buying a new book.

Another major thing I like about the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the free data plan.  Yes, I said free.  The Kindle Paperwhite only needs “3G” data because it is primarily a book reading device.  3G data is, evidently, cheap enough now that they can actually sell it to you for the cost of your Kindle and the books you buy naturally.  You get to connect to the Kindle store and to your Kindle library, anywhere that you have a connection to the 3G cellular system and for no monthly fee!  That makes the Kindle Paperwhite one of the most valuable electronic devices to me.  I read for hours and I don’t mind having a device that I use for that purpose alone.

I could go on, and I might do that more in some other post.  I think you get the idea.  I think ebooks are cool.

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